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West Goalpara College
ওৱেষ্ট গোৱালপাৰা মহাবিদ্যালয়

About College

No religion is greater than service. Teaching and learning is not only for the sake of livelihood but also for the welfare of society, that relates ‘serving humanity is serving God’-that is the basic philosophy of education. Over the 35 years West Goalpara College has been facilitating higher education over 70 thousand students since 1981, the establishment of the college. Students quench thirst of knowledge to use in their lives, the kind of education imparted in our Institute lasts forever which is deep rooted in encouraging our students to be self-reliant livelihood, inquisitive knowledge hunt, positive productive in work and in mindset tolerant in attitude. The education that we impart gives the students enormous scope for independent thinking and faces the different challenges they confront in the society. We try to impart knowledge having relevance to character and personality building, discipline and co-existence, empowerment for standing on own footing and realities in practical life. Hence, we infuse the spirit of inquisitiveness into the minds of young students to stand in a better position when confronted with crisis. We not only empower the students but see that their inherent strength is tapped and nurtured and enriched to sustain them forever. We insist on the facilities to involve beyond teaching in impact research undertaken with the available resources; we also strive to emphasize in extension of research output for the benefit of the society. We groom the students to cope up with global learning, high thinking and motivate them to work together for the good of the society. We make tireless efforts to build up capacity of our students to become responsible citizens in the making of modern India.
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