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West Goalpara College
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Central Library

The Central Library of West Goalpara College is a dedicated space designed to provide access to information and resources to support the educational and research activities of the college's students and faculty. The library is a vital component of the college's academic infrastructure, providing a central location for students to access a wide range of print and digital resources. The library is typically staffed by trained professionals who can help students and faculty locate and use resources effectively. The library's collection may include books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other print materials, as well as access to online databases, e-books, and other digital resources. The Central Library of West Goalpara College may also offer additional services and amenities to support students and faculty, such as study spaces, computer labs, printing and copying services, and interlibrary loan services to request resources from other institutions. The library's resources and services may be organized and managed through a library management system, which allows for efficient organization and retrieval of materials, as well as tracking usage and circulation statistics

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Auditorium Hall

The auditorium hall of the college is a large, enclosed space designed to host a variety of events such as lectures, concerts, plays, and other performances. The hall is typically equipped with tiered seating, allowing for clear sightlines to the stage in the house. The seating capacity of an auditorium hall of the college about three hundred fifty. The auditorium hall is a critical component of a college's facilities, providing a dedicated space for a wide range of performances, presentations, and events that enrich the educational and cultural experience of students and the community.

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Conference Hall

The conference hall of the College well equipped and used for holding large-scale events, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, and other academic or cultural gatherings. It is typically a large room or auditorium designed to accommodate a large number of people, often with advanced audio-visual equipment and other facilities to facilitate presentations and discussions. Conference halls in colleges are typically equipped with a stage or podium for speakers, audio and visual equipment such as microphones, speakers, and projectors, and seating arrangements for attendees. They may also have facilities for catering, networking, and socializing

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Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry laboratory of West Goalpara College is typically equipped with various pieces of scientific equipment and materials, including Bunsen burners, beakers, test tubes, thermometers, and other instruments. The Students of the college in chemistry laboratory can perform a wide range of experiments and activities, including analyzing chemical compounds, measuring the physical properties of substances, synthesizing new compounds, and studying chemical reactions. The laboratory is also used to teach students various laboratory techniques, such as titration, distillation, and chromatography.

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Computer Lab

The Computer lab of West Goalpara College are fully equipped with systems and latest software with an environment to implement and experiment knowledge acquired in the classroom. All the systems have internet facility. Computer labs are physical spaces that provide access to computers and related equipment for students, faculty, and staff. These labs typically contain a variety of hardware and software resources that are used for educational and research purposes.

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Class Room With Projector

The classroom with projector of West Goalpara College includes a large screen or projection surface at the front of the room, along with a ceiling-mounted or portable projector that displays images onto the screen. The projector may be connected to a computer, or other media device to display videos, images, or presentations. The classroom may also have additional audio-visual equipment, such as speakers, microphones, or a sound system, to enhance the audio quality of presentations or lectures. Some classrooms with projectors may also have interactive whiteboards or smart boards, which allow teachers to interact with the projected images and incorporate multimedia elements into their lessons.

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is an essential component of the West Goalpara Colleges. ICT of the College refers to the use of digital technologies to communicate, process, and store information. This technology is used in a variety of ways to support teaching, learning, research, and administrative activities. By embracing ICT, of the Colleges can improve the quality of education, increase efficiency and productivity, and better serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

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Facilities for Students

Registration Certificate of Alumni Association of West Goalpara College

Mechanism of Grievance and Redressal Cell -2022-23


Some snaps of events organised by West Goalpara College

Institutional Distinctive-2022-23

Institutional Vision and Leadership-2023

4.4.2 - There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilising physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc

Annual Gender Action Plan 2022-23

Report on Results -2021

Report on Results -2020

Integration of Indian Knowledge System-2021-22

Skill Development-2021-22

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary -2021-22

Academic Bank of Credits-2021-22

Distance Education/Online Education-2021-22

Distance Education/Online Education-2020-21

Integration of Indian Knowledge System-2020-21

Skill Development-2020-21

Academic Bank of Credits-2020-21

Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary -2020-21

Extension Activity-2021-22

Mechanism of Grievance and Redressal Cell

The institutional Strategic/ perspective plan is effectively deployed-2021-22

Mission and Vision with Various Committees-2021-22

Facilities for Students

Regulation of TDC(B.A./B.Sc.) for Semester System & with Choice based Credit and Grading System.

Annual Gender Action Plan-2021-22

Facilities for Women

Annual Gender Action Plan

MOU with Dalgoma Anchalik College

The functioning of the institutional bodies is effective and efficient as visible from policies, administrative setup, appointment and service rules, procedures, etc.

Institutional Vision and Leadership

Physical Facilities

ICT Facilities Report

Library Bill

Gate Entry

Gate Entry Report

Faculty Exchange

Extension Activity





About Library

Facilities of the College


Strategy Development and Deployment

The effective leadership is visible in various institutional practices such as decentralization and participative management.

Seminars/conferences/workshops of the College

Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi

There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc

Sports Equipment for students

Infrastructure of West Goalpara College

Classrooms and seminar halls with ICT- enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS, of the West Goalpara College.

Facilities of the College for the management of the following types of degradable and non-degradable waste are- 1. Solid waste management 2. Liquid waste management 3. E waste management

Facilities of the College for the management of the following types of degradable and non-degradable waste are- 1. Solid waste management 2. Liquid waste management 3. E waste management

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